Rooftop restaurant & cocktail bar in bedfordview

Step into a realm of culinary excellence at our international award-winning restaurant, and be transported to the picturesque countryside of Florence, where time honoured traditions meld seamlessly with modern elegance, inviting you to savour the flavours of the Mediterranean in an atmosphere of renaissance charm.

The harmony between the freshest seasonal ingredients and the rarest Italian imports forms the foundation of our culinary symphony, where each plate is a canvas painted with passion, precision, and a touch of enchantment.

Live music elevates your dining journey to a crescendo of delight, with soundscapes from the piano and saxophone resonating with every bite, creating a fusion of pleasure for both the palate and the soul.


No cash accepted


The 11th Floor is a premier destination for delectable breakfasts, wood-fired oven pizzas, char-grilled steaks, imported pastas, artisanal gelato, and more.

Special moments are had here with our panoramic views and mouth-watering dishes, no matter the occasion or reason you decide to visit.


Kyle Marshall’s love for good food has always been prevalent, alongside his love for sports, in particular the game of cricket. This naturally led to Kyle finding himself alternating between batting and batter, and bowls and bowling! Knowing that a professional sports career doesn’t last forever, he completed a part-time cooking diploma from Capsicum Culinary Studio to get some well-rounded experience in the kitchen.

After graduating from Capsicum, Kyle’s cricket career took him to England for six months. While there, he got his first taste of working in a professional kitchen with a part-time job in a small village café in northern England. Upon returning home, he landed his first hotel job at the Southern Sun Hyde Park Hotel where he worked as a commis chef; a good introduction to working in a fast-paced, high demand environment.

A year later, he moved to 54 on Bath in Rosebank, met his mentor Matthew Foxon and learnt to be a chef, through long hours, plenty of coffee, striving for perfection and the kind of camaraderie he’s only experienced in a team change room.

After three years, he moved to Palazzo Montecasino where he learnt just how much he could achieve on his own, giving him the confidence to be where he is now: creating and executing his own menus. The lockdown period has also given Kyle the opportunity to develop his entrepreneurial side, through owning and operating a private chef business, where he is pre-booked by private clients.

At present, Kyle is a partner and executive chef at The 11th Floor where he applies his talents to continually develop and shape the vision, food and customer experience of our rooftop restaurant into the highly sought-after venue it is fast becoming in the heart of Bedfordview.