Before reaching the heights of commercial success, Antonio Iozzo emerged from inauspicious beginnings as a first-generation Italian South African descended from ancestral roots in the south of Italy.

The roots of such a heritage run deep, and it’s on the pillars of an upbringing at the centre of a traditional, god-fearing Italian family that Antonio formed his love for all things Italian – Fast cars, architecture, history, the arts, and last but not least, food.

It was natural then, when two years after Antonio’s father received the devastating diagnosis of multiple sclerosis that rendered him unable to work, that Antonio at the age of 15 got a job at the local pizzeria as a pizza man as a way to earn an income to support his family. Soon thereafter, and subsequent to having put himself through hotel school, Antonio together with his family and their meagre resources opened their own Italian restaurant. The venture ultimately proved overly ambitious and failed, leaving the family virtually destitute and closed the door on Antonio’s dream of bringing people together through the shared love of authentic Italian food inspired by nonna’s recipes of old.

Whilst this twist of fate seemingly closed the door on Antonio’s dream of forging a career in a melting pot of pomodoro sauce, it inadvertently opened doorways to the success Antonio has achieved commercially in the insurance, construction and health & wellness industries. And whilst the success may seem front and centre, it is through having reached the heights of this success that fate once again threw a dough ball - this time in the form of a second chance to revive Antonio’s dream of owning & running a restaurant specialising in authentic Italian and Mediterranean food.

All the ingredients for this opportunity came together after a chance meeting between Antonio and chef Kyle Marshall in Plettenburg Bay in 2021. Hired as a private chef to design and produce best in class Mediterranean inspired food for Antonio and his family, Kyle successfully found his way into Antonio heart through his stomach – and so the wheels begun turning for what was to become The 11th Floor Rooftop Restaurant & Cocktail Bar.
Where there was a need for a kitchen - the new IUM building had just been completed, with a commercial kitchen and floor space on the 11th floor made perfect for an impressive rooftop restaurant. Where there was a need for a visionary to inspire and guide the way - Antonio was ready and waiting for the right opportunity. Where there was a need for a chef to execute the dream - Kyle was on the market, with all the experience and know-how too. Where there was a need for passion - there was enough and then some from both visionary and chef, and so began a special partnership stemming from Antonio’s unique ability to find and harness talent in the most unlikely of places.

Over time, The 11th Floor Rooftop Restaurant & Cocktail Bar has become an institution in Bedfordview, known for its breath-taking skyline views, service & food par excellence, and meticulously designed interior.

Experience an elevated dining like no other at The 11th Floor Rooftop Restaurant & Cocktail Bar.

- The 11th Floor Team

Head Chef of The 11TH Floor restaurant


Executive chef & Director

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